Tuesday, 21 June 2011

20 days to go!

Well, it's not long til we go now. This Sunday is our last Sunday at St Mark's until the end of September...we'll miss everyone but pray God's massive blessing on them as they get to have a break from us!!!

We met up with Tom Albright on Sunday, he's visiting the UK for a bit and we'll be spending time with him and his church (Ripple) in Allentown, who are in lots of ways on a similar journey to St Mark's. We're really looking forward to meeting them all and getting stuck into the work they're involved in in their communities. He told us to expect it to be very hot when we're there...just like here in the UK eh?!!! So I don't think we'll be needing many jumpers.

Still got quite a lots to do before we go. There's the obvious packing but also need to make sure the guinea pigs get to their holiday destination...Abergavenney, arrange Noah's birthday celebrations (he's 5 the day before we go!) and have a Gospel Choir concert on the 10th July!