Saturday, 16 July 2011

From Philly with Love

Hi. We have spent the last couple of days exploring Philadelphia city and here are some of the amazing sights we've seen!!!

There are approxiamtely 2500 awesome murals in the city!!!

Pastor Ertel Whigham, an amazing guy (and ex-marine, now pastoring a peace church and is the head guy of the mennonite network we're with) showed us around North Philly, where he grew up.

It's full of amazing people and churches but needs lots of TLC.
This was part of a row of terraced houses. The others were demolished. When they get run down the authorities knock them down leaving loads of these stand alone units - they look like half eaten cakes with left over slices... The churches in the area have grouped together and bought 5 whole blocks to stop developers buying up land which would move the residents out. The churches have also pressurised the banks to stop refusing loans to people in these post codes even when they have good credit ratings.

 Down town.

Var with local law enforcement...
Em and the boys whale spotting in Love Park.
A big flag.

An awesome youth band! Something to do with... I don't know... chasing British people.

We're off to worship at Pastor Ertel's church in Norristown tomorrow (Em's been asked to sing!!! Yeah!). Then we'll be located in Allentown for a couple of weeks.


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