Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yeast and Ripples

We've been based at Zume (Zoo-May) House for a few days. 'Zume' is Greek for 'yeast' and the vision for this community is based on Luke 13:21 ('the kingdom is like yeast working through dough'). Guess what? The address is 1321  (Luke 13:21).

We're staying with Pastor Rose who bought the house in faith and has done an amazing job of turning it from a run-down mess to a great place to live in 12 months.

We are involved with her church's chuldren's club this week - in a place called Whitehall. The boys are loving it and making lots of friends. Em will be leading worship on Sunday and Var will be preaching there.

There is another very exciting Christian community called 'Ripple' which runs the Food Bank (see previous entry) which meets in a local park during the summer. This is some who gathered on Tuesday (below).

There was a table filled with pictures and we were asked to chose one that appealed to us. One picture was of the beautiful people of St. Mark's (but no-one knew I had brought it or what it was). A man called John chose the picture of St. Mark's and said he liked it because everyone looked so happy and it reminded him of Ripple!

It's hot but the boys are active as ever.

We're spending the day on a farm today!!!!
See ya soon

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