Sunday, 31 July 2011

Greasy in DC

It is 40 degrees C in Washington DC. This is what it's like before it gets hot!

It's nice but but you need to act like this lion! Chill....
We went to the National Zoo which is just down the road from where we're staying. It was good, but we got fried!!!!

Here at Church of the Saviour is a very different experience so far. Very sadly, a key member of the leadership team died suddenly from a cycling accident the day before we arrived . This has obviously been a big shock for the people we're staying with. It also means, unsuprisingly, it's taking us longer to fit in.

As far as we can make out Church of the Saviour is made up of a number of extremely dedicated and loving communities all with a slightly different emphasis.

Here is the Potter's House, a great book store for 'dissident' discipleship and very tasty cafe (or rather, the food is tasty). We worshiped here today with the Eighth Day fellowship ( It was very enriching - they've developed some good litergies.

Opposite there's Christ House, a free hospital (that's a BIG deal in the US) for those coming off the streets. Next to our house is Jubilee House which has regenerated loads of appartments in order to house people and also helps find long-term unemployed people jobs.

There's also Joseph's House which is a Hospice for HIV sufferers. There are many intern programs and discipleship programs too.

Anyway, we're starting to meet people and we'll see how it goes.

By the way, being in the capital is interesting at the moment... apparently there's a game of chicken going on...
something to do with money...

We plan to go down to the White House tomorrow and sort it out.

Should get some photos then.

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