Friday, 15 July 2011

Precious life and new friends

Well over the last three days we've already made some great new friends...another reminder of how amazing the Kingdom of God is, wherever you go, you meet brothers and sisters in Christ and can immediately connect and enjoy hanging out.

Wednesday and Thursday we went into Norristown and spent time with the staff and children at the Precious Life Centre. An inspiring ministry reaching children from all backgrounds but with a particular heart for children with learning difficulties/special needs. Our boys have made some great new friends and have enjoyed talking about what England is like. One of the boys thought it was great that we talked like Harry Potter!

There was a meeting about immigration issues facing an increasingly multi-ethnic church.

We had dinner with some other new friends Scott & Andrea last night. They are involved in church renewal/planting and also have a sustainable coffee buisiness ('One Village'). We had fresh homemade burgers which we ate al was delicious and so nice to hang out and enjoy a beautiful evening. Isaac & Noah had lots of fun catching Lightning Bugs after we had all had a crazy game of badminton!

We found a School with the samw name as ours!!!
So we've just been for a stroll with our hosts Gay & Rich and it's already very slow walking will be the order of the day!

We're gonna go into Philadelphia itself this afternoon for a little tour.

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  1. Wow... So great already. praying those friendships continue to be a blessing!! And totally not jealous of the weather... who needs sun when you can have wind and rain!?!?! hmmm...!