Sunday, 24 July 2011

Impressions of Allentown

In need of TLC, Allentown has an official rating of 76% school age children below the poverty line.
This makes it exactly the sort of place for the church to be! Here are some brief impressions:

Patriotic squirrels (he's on the tree on the left!)

Patriotic benches...

Pastor Rose has a great gift in showing love and mercy to this city. Here she is also showing love and mercy to Var as he climbs through her third floor window (not for fun - we got locked out of the boys room!!!)

Certain parts of the city are finding it tough.

Confusing... 'Welcome and keep out'

The Spirit can break your chains.... but don't hang around...

A local mosque.... and opposite ......

A T-shirt shop....

These impressions are obviously not the whole picture but they are some of our impressions. It's the kind of place Jesus likes to come to!

See ya!

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