Friday, 5 August 2011

Keep Right!

Adams Morgan (where we've been staying) is a trendy part of DC well known for it's multi-ethnic eating places (just like Easton - Bristol!)

Perhaps a bit prejudiced against Falafel, though...

Just before leaving DC we visited Christ House which is a wonderful operation started by the Church. It is a hospital for homeless men and women providing professional care for free.

This is us outside with Mark who told us the story of how it started. They have 35 beds and 40 full time staff meeting the needs of hundreds of people a year. Most are suffering from either diabetes, HIV, mental illness or alcoholism (many from all four).

They say that the way they stay afloat in a sea of despair is through the joy that comes from doing what Jesus wants.

Outside is a statue of Jesus washing the disciples feet...

Here we are with some of the recovering patients.

We went to a last worship service with 'Friends of Jesus'. The waiter service was excellent!

Var was allowed to bake the bread for the Potter's Cafe this morning!

 This is Thomasine, Mrs. Mary and Joe (who also lives at Andrews House) in the cafe kitchen!

This is the view from outside our door - 'Who's a pretty boy then!'

Before we leave and fly to Chicago, then drive up to north Wisconsin, one more piece of advice....

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