Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Secret Service Squirrels

One thing Noah has been asking for is a party (for no reason apart from he loves parties).

And guess what?...

There just happened to be a party!!! Noah 'Elliot' was on form! Praise God for his provision!!!

It was a farewell party for Alison (one of the interns living at Andrews House although it got slightly taken over!!!). We had lots of fun and great food cooked by Joe (another resident and new friend!).

Isaac enjoyed talking to Nathan, a church planter with a group called 'Becoming Church'. Their main topic was 'how big were pre-historic sharks?

We spent the day exploring DC.

We met a real live angel (centre), either that or he was the most amazing bus driver in world history!!! He was so friendly and kind to everyone that got on his bus and made us feel totally welcome in his city - we really liked him!
Hello Mr. President!

Mmmm. there must be a way in....

Oh oh, now were being tailed by an FBI squirrel!

Keep still, nobody will recognise us!

I wonder what happens when I touch my nose?

Yikes!!! It made all the water drain away!!!!

See ya.

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