Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Reba friends


We went to 'Mana' which is a food pantry operating out of a garage behind out apartment. Here's the team running it (the main guy, Isaiah, is holding Emma's hand!)

It's open to the whole community - you just turn up to qualify. We got food too!

It meant we could afford Starbucks!!!!

This is where we are updating this blog.

Here are some wonderful people - Jeanne and Alan Howe. They were at the 'I have a dream' speech in1963, and both involved in the cilvil rights work in Mississippi, Alan organised a debate with Yoder (not from Star Wars) and .... well we just had to stop questioning them because we try not to interrogate out hosts too much!

Jeanne and Alan have been involved in the 'common purse' radical community for a long time and yet their passion for people and christian community is as fresh as daisies!!! We all found it so exciting being with them we needed cooling off....

Noah took time out to open a new playground built in his honour!

... And demonstrate traditional farming methods!

This is Anne Stewart who gave us lunch and we became friends immediately. She works in race reconciliation and runs workshops for organisations.

We really loved her and lapped up her advice. 'If race reconciliation seems complicated - that's because it is! Don't give up!'

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