Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Windy City

We swung our way south from Tomahawk...

...to CHICAGO!!!

This city is beautiful - it's love at first sight!

It has a beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who thought of that? So cool!

Big fish...

The best coffee bean ever... surreal man....

It has tasty hot-dogs and Blues Brothers...


It has awesome buildings....

...and friendly dolphins.

It's nice.

We are staying with a Christian community called Reba. It's heart is that
following Jesus is lived,
and experienced
in community

(i.e.impossible in isolation/segregation).

We have met some lovely people already.Vicki has lent us her whole appartment while we are here and has been so kind organising our schedule.

Sally and Orwin (Sian's connection here), Tim and Patty, Judith and Hannah... what can we say... we are enjoying your welcome very much!

Here we are, last night, visiting 'Cana' house. We had a great time discussing the relationship between humming birds and lions (guess who led that?).

We are being affected by all we've met and experienced in the States.
The mennonites have been practising peace church for 350 years,
Church of the Saviour has been breaking social barriers since 1947 (original members still goin strong!),
Reba has been sharing all things in common since 1957

These guys aren't dabbling.

It's making us ask questions?

For example...

We enjoy omlettes when we break eggs,
We enjoy honey when we care for bees.
Is there a way for us to enjoy community without committment?

(For 'committment', read accountability/faithfulness in relationships and serving the poor)

Let us know.

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