Thursday, 4 August 2011

We saw the President!

Well, yesterday we saw the President! Well, we saw a his helicopter Marine One...or at least it was a helicopter that landed in the Whitehouse...he could've been on it...maybe?!!

We've linked up with some really amazing people the last couple of days and have learned lots!

On Wednesday, Tim Kumfer from Christ the Saviour gave us a tour of the local area and the projects that the church have set up.

This is Tim with us outside one of the many affordable housing developments that the church have built. Just like the UK, housing and rental prices can be way out of reach for those on lower incomes. The project here has built several blocks of affordable housing for rental.

This is another Church of the Saviour project, it does what it says on the door...helps people find jobs. Especially ex-offenders, out of prison.

Var visited a group called 'Church Right Now' (part of the Church of the Saviour) and was bowled over by the honesty and love in the group (below)!

Yesterday we visited the New Community Church in Shaw District...

 and had a great time with Jim Melson...
Jim was telling us how DC was a segregated city (which we did not know) before segregation became illegal and Shaw district was part of the blacks only part of the city. When Martin Luther King was shot there were massive riots across the USA and Shaw was no exception. The riots were so bad buildings and neighbourhoods were destroyed...many have remained in the same condition until recently!

This is one of the buildings that has been derelict since then and this young man (who is part of New Community Church) is part of the construction team now renovating it! There is another amazing housing project here called Manna which builds housing for folk who can't  get on the property ladder any other way.

We went back downtown and had our first ride on the Metro. We were overcome with emotion outside the Capitol! Went to Museum of Air and Space...

Em tried to be interested!

We went to the Smithsonian Musem of American History and Em finally got to see something she wanted to...the display of First Ladies dresses...we saw Michelle Obama there too!

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